Tips for a Modern Pet Friendly Home

Tips for a Modern Pet Friendly Home

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. Much like a child, a pet is completely dependent on your care. Before getting a pet, you must consider how it will integrate your schedule, but also your home. Certain pets are very low maintenance. Fish, hamsters and other smaller pets usually have their own environment which doesn’t take much space. However, cats and dogs are larger and more active. They move throughout your whole house and it is not out of the ordinary for them to cause some damages. Therefore, if you want to save yourself some trouble while also making your future pet feel welcomed into your house, you will need to consider some small changes into your home. We found the following items to be not only useful but also adorable. Every pet lover that dreams of a modern pet friendly home will find the following tips to be very interesting.

Provide your pet with a place of its own

Whether it is a pet bed or a bigger pet area, a modern pet friendly home should have a space where the pet can feel safe. When your pet is in that space, you are not allowed to scold it in any way, otherwise you will ruin its illusion of safety. Furthermore, you mustn’t think that a pet bed or a pet house needs to be ugly. There is such a wide variety of options to choose from, that you will definitely find something that matches your home’s decor. The most stylish pet houses are the ones that camouflage themselves as stylish side tables.

Understand your pet’s needs

When it comes to pet needs, cats are a little more demanding. Everyone thinks it is the opposite,since dogs need you to take them out for walks and to play with them regularly. However, cats are more independent and they can find ways of entertaining themselves. Usually, their idea of entertainment involves scratching your beautiful couch. You should know that it is pretty pointless to try to kick this bad habit out of your cat. What you can do instead, is provide your cat with other ways in which it can entertain itself and sharpen its claws.

The scratching posts presented in the picture above represent the quintessence of interior decor style and would look great in any modern pet friendly home. They may look like Zen style furniture pieces, but these elements are in fact designed for cats. The first one, the one shaped like a vase, is called the Leo Cat Scratching post. It is made of polished aluminum and Zebrawood. Its curved base allows it to rock itself when the cat wants to play but it can also be inert for those moments when the cat wants to sharpen its claws or to scratch its back. The second element is the PetFussion Cat Scratcher Lounge. While it looks very modern, this cat scratching post is made of corrugated cardboard. It is a great place for the kitty to sleep on , but it is also good for playing, stretching or sharpening claws. If these Zen scratching posts won’t match your interior decor, you can discover other scratching post models on

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