Retro Refrigerators for Chic Kitchens

Retro Refrigerators for Chic Kitchens

If you choose to decorate your kitchen in a vintage style, you must find matching appliances and decorations that will go well in your chic kitchen. The retro refrigerator models have a unique design resembling the 1950s-style, but hide inside the latest technologies in terms of freezing. Therefore, choose to store your food with style in one of these chic vintage refrigerators.

Big Chill retro refrigerator

Big Chill Euro fridges are not only among the top rated refrigerators in terms of performance, but they are chic models with vintage touches that will add personality and color to your kitchen. This classic American refrigerator is one of the biggest available on the market, with a spacious interior of 423 liters and a height of 190cm. The elegant design is perfect for every kitchen and will perfectly match any decor, thanks to the custom colors available, such as pastel blue, pink, buttery yellow or scarlet red. The Big Chill refrigerator ha a unique designed, inspired by the vintage American cars, the metal doors are shaped in classic lines, with chrome insertions and indented styling similar to that of cars in the 50’s. The solid housing with a chrome vintage pivoting handle perfectly resembles the appliances back then and the interior offers plenty of storage space with adjustable shelves, fruits and vegetables drawers and a cooling compartment. If you think that the impressive size implies massive consumption, then guess again, because the A+ Energy Class makes the Big Chill a great unit.

Smeg retro refrigerator

Smeg is an Italian brand that is actually an acronym for “Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla,” which means“Guastalla Emilia Enamel Works.” The 65-year-old company has a rich history in manufacturing all types of appliances, but they started manufacturing vintage refrigerators in the 1990’s. The Smeg fridges are very popular in America, although they are quite expensive models that reach prices of 2000$. However, the price is too high compared to the equipment since the Smeg fridge does not even have a separate freezer compartment. The exterior is reminiscent of the 1950’s, with curved edges, chrome insertions, and pivoting handle. This refrigerator is available in many colors, from subtle cream to light purple and lime green.

Oranier retro refrigerator

These vibrantly colored refrigerators from the German brand are not currently available in the U.S. but are definitely retro-style in every aspect. While other brands put accent on the design rather than on features, the Oranier refrigerators include many facilities, such as a standalone freezer, egg containers, automatic defrosting and a large freezing capacity. Besides, since they are also low consuming and very efficient, they are among the top rated refrigerators in the world.

While the design of a refrigerator is essential, especially in a retro kitchen, you must not neglect the technical specifications when buying such an appliance. In order to buy a fridge that is both visually appealing and efficient, we encourage you to read some refrigerator reviews. On you can find a lot of detailed reviews that can help you compare both the design and the features of different types of refrigerators.

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