How to Save Space in the Laundry Room

How to Save Space in the Laundry Room

If you live in a small apartment or a condo, chances are that your laundry room is very narrow and cluttered. The large appliances, laundry baskets or cleaning supplies generally occupy a lot of space, so in order to save space in the laundry room and make it more neat and tidy, you can follow these few tips. Below you can learn how to make the laundry room appear more spacious by using a couple of useful methods.

Stack your washer and dryer

Washing machines and clothes dryers are generally very bulky and heavy, so it’s important to know where and how to place them, so that the laundry room doesn’t feel cramped. A great tip would be to opt for a stackable clothes dryers. These types of dryers perform the same as regular free standing models, so next time you are planning to get a clothes dryer, make sure that it’s stackable. If you already have a dryer, you can consider buying a stacking kit for your washer and dryer.

Hang your laundry bags

By hanging your bags you can manage to save a lot of space and avoid having clutter in your laundry room. It’s also much easier to sort your laundry because you don’t have to bend down every time you want to remove or put your towels or clothes into the laundry bags or baskets. To hang your laundry bag, simply mount several hooks on your walls, but make sure that they are sturdy to hold the weight. Then hang the canvas bags and label each one “delicates, darks or lights” so that it’s easier for you to sort your laundry.

Install shelves to place your laundry supplies

If your laundry room is very tiny and you don’t even have space to place your cleaning products or laundry supplies, you can consider installing shelves to keep them organized. This way, you can keep your towels on one shelf while the other laundry supplies can go on another one. To keep your supplies hidden from sight, you can add a small curtain, just above the washing machine or dryer.

Storing your towels

In order to keep your bath towels conveniently at hand and organized, you can install a multitiered rack on the wall to place all of your towels. By placing them vertically, on top of each other and not hanging from your wall hooks, you can make the laundry room appear more spatious and organized. Another great tip would be to stack your towels on closed doors or place them in an unused cabinet or shelf.

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