How to Make a Home Safer for Seniors

How to Make a Home Safer for Seniors

Seniors need extra attention and some changes and improvements around their home in order to have a safe and comfortable life. Here are some things you should take care of if you want to be sure that your loved senior is safe from accidents and injuries.

Repair what needs to be repaired

The first thing you should do around the house is to repair whatever is damaged, broken or shaky. Fix any pipes and faucets that are leaking, replace the weak doorknobs, strengthen the unstable furniture and any floor tiles that are out of place. Make sure there is no ramshackle item that might put their life in danger.

Allow them easy access

After you have solved the repairs problem, you should now go to accessibility, which means assuring that the seniors have easy access to useful items. Keep the usual objects within their reach, so that they don’t have to climb or stretch to get something, install handrails along the hallways to help them walk, put hand bars in the bathroom near the closet and bathtub so that they will be able to use them without much effort.

Take extreme safety measures

Accidents around the house are very common in seniors who live alone or spend much time alone, because they tend to lose visibility, balance, and memory. In order to avoid a tragedy, install gas detectors inside the house, fire alarms, security systems and assure a proper lighting in the house and outside it. Keep an emergency phone within reach with your number and 911 on speed dial and make sure your senior knows how to use it.

Provide them with a mobility aid

For seniors to be able to move around with ease, the┬ábest electric mobility scooter is the perfect help. Easier to maneuver than wheelchairs, these devices require less strength in handling, are perfect for moving from one place to another without causing pain. The best electric mobility scooter should be safe to use, featuring secure seat belts, mirrors, headlights and efficient braking systems. These devices don’t reach high speeds and they are great for both outdoor and indoor use.

Help them climb the stairs safely

Stairs can be a major danger for seniors who hardly bend their knees and keep balance. If the senior in question has to climb stairs in order to go to the bathroom or to eat, it is best that you install a stair lift that will help them go from one floor to another. The stair lift consists of a chair that is perfectly safe to use, which assures easy getting on and off, it goes along straight or curved stairs without the risk of falling and it can even have a platform for those who use a wheelchair. Since there are many models on the market, if you are interested in purchasing such a device, we advise you to read the reviews on There, you will find all the relevant information about the latest stair lift models so that you can choose the most convenient one.

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