How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween with Cheap, Recycled Materials

How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween with Cheap, Recycled Materials

Halloween is one of the most entertaining Holidays. Despite the fact that this holiday had a certain symbolism when it first appeared, nowadays it has been accepted from people from around the world who have all adapted it to their own styles. Even decorating your home for Halloween is not as easy as it used to be, especially when it comes to the exterior. It is not uncommon nowadays for neighbors to engage into a friendly house decoration competition for Halloween, just as they do for Christmas. However, the beauty of Halloween is that unlike Christmas, it does not require expensive decorations. On the contrary, you can achieve some amazing Halloween decorations with cheap, recycled materials. If you would like to get a jump start on this holiday, we have some amazing tips for you. For starters, you should visit where you can find some pretty amazing, yet reasonably priced costumes. Aside from that, we also prepared a few decorating tips and tricks that you will certainly find to be very inspiring.

Recycled plastic bags

Plastic bags are full of potential when it comes to Halloween decorations, especially black garbage bags. The easiest decoration that you can achieve with such bags is a raggedy porch. Simply take some plastic bags and hang them on a string or a wire. Next, take your scissors and cut those plastic bags so that you achieve a raggedy look. Hang that ragged curtain at your entrance and you will achieve a deserted, hunted look for your house. You can also use garbage bags in order to make spider webs that you can place inside your home or on your home’s exterior. If you are a fan of props, stuff two plastic bags with paper or cloth scraps, tie them in a way in which the bags resemble a human shape and throw some ketchup on them. You will end up with a scary prop that will resemble a corpse stuffed in a bag.


When it comes to making fake ghosts, there is no better material than cheesecloth. This fabric is slightly transparent and quite raged so it is ideal for creating fake ghosts, but also for wrapping fake mummies. You can start with a plain cheesecloth that you previously soaked in mod podge. Place that soaked cheesecloth over a balloon and allow it to dry. When completely dry, pop the balloon and you will be left with a ghostly shape that you can embellish with googly eyes. Since cheesecloth is very light, such a decoration can only be used indoors, otherwise it will be blown by wind. You can also use cheesecloth for wrapping up a mannequin in order to get a spooky mummy garden prop.

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