How to Deal with the Ice and the Snow in Your Yard

How to Deal with the Ice and the Snow in Your Yard

During wintertime you must have a well put together plan for how to protect your yard from the snow. You must make your plants, bushes and trees survive the whole winter. Sprinkling salt all around your yard may be an effective and comfortable idea but you should try to avoid this defrosting method as much as you can because you may hurt your plants. You should try these methods instead.

Gently clean the snow on the branches that are close to the ground

The cold weather has already made them brittle and sensitive that’s why you must sweep gently. Using a straw broom is the best. You have to sweep the plants that you have in your yard in an upward motion because the purpose is to dislocate the snow on your plants without hurting them and rise it above the leaves or above the branches in order to naturally fall off.

Remove all the snow that you have in your yard

The old traditional way of clearing your yard of snow is to use the snow shovel. If you don’t want to hurt your back and you have a lean surface to clean the snow on then you should use a manual snow plow which is very efficient and it only needs your pushing force. If you want to leave the yard completely without snow you should invest in a snow blower. Depending on the size of your yard and on how much is the depth of snow that you want to clear, you can choose either an electric snow blower or a snow thrower. The bigger your device is the more fuel it will consume and the more maintenance it will need. Do some research on the website in order to learn more about these useful devices.

Melt the snow and ice

If you cherish very much the plants in your yard you should consider making some fires just below the plants that you want to defrost. The hot air will defrost the grass area around the fire and it will rise above while defrosting the bushes and the trees. If you want to melt the ice that has gathered on the branches of the trees in your yard you should use a powerful hot air blower.

Protect your plants from freezing

Another way to protect your plants from freezing is to cover them with a burlap right before a hard freeze. The burlap will keep them warm by protecting them against the wind. Don’t make them get too hot – avoid overheating by removing the burlap of the plants as soon as possible after the snow storm is over. Don’t wrap them in a plastic foil or they will not be able to breathe.

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