DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations

Participating to Halloween represents an opportunity to break the monotony of a normal life and do something out of the ordinary for one day. Dressing up in an extravagant Halloween costume can get anyone excited, but in order to enjoy the spirit of this celebration, you must start by decorating your home in a spooky and scary way. If you have kids, you can ask them to help you make Halloween ornaments, and besides saving money on expensive decorations, you will get the chance to spend some quality time with your little ones. Here are some ideas that will help you create an amazing Halloween atmosphere.

Turn your front door into a spooky monster

If you really want to scare your trick-or-treaters, we suggest you to opt for decorations that can be seen from the outside of the house. Depending on how much time you want to invest on this project, you can choose between making a bloody door curtain from an old sheet that you no longer use, or you can make some large, evil eyes and teeth from a foam board. Furthermore, if you don’t want to hang this decorations with nails, we advise you to use adhesive tape for keeping them in place. That way you will transform your front door into a spooky creature with an opened mouth and scary eyes.

Use napkin ghosts to decorate your house

One of the best DIY Halloween decoration ideas involves using white paper napkins, string, small balls or beads, and a black marker, to make little napkin ghosts. All you have to do is place a bead in the middle of a napkin, and use a piece of string to highlight the ghost’s neck. We recommend you to use the remaining string for hanging the decoration from any object you want in the house, because that will give the impression that the ghost is actually floating in the air. Use the marker to draw the eyes and the mouth, and keep in mind that the way you draw the eyebrows will determine if your Halloween decoration is friendly or not.

Opt for Halloween window decorations

Frightening window decorations will impress all the children from your neighborhood, so all you have to do is carve some bat shapes out of paper, and apply them on the windows of your house. Just like before, you can use adhesive tape to make this spectacular statement that can be seen every time you turn on the lights. We guarantee you that you will love the results.

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