Autumn-Inspired Home Decor

Autumn-Inspired Home Decor

Summer is on its last steps and autumn is slowly coming to take its place; this season is disliked by many, not just because it signals the end of summer fun, but also because it means going back to school, it means winter is near and good weather will disappear. Yet there are just as many who enjoy autumn, who love its colors and leisure, and who feel more inspired by it than anything else. If you enjoy autumn too, and love the warm colors it creates around us, then you might like to find out how to achieve an autumn-inspired home decor and bring the season’s best closer to you.

Fall Colors

There are lots of autumn-inspired homes, and fall home decorating ideas are quite easy to find and implement. The extent to which you decorate your home in autumn colors depends on you and your budget of course, on how far you are willing to go to redecorate. First of all, you should know what the season’s colors are; the easiest way to do that is to look at the colors of falling leaves: they can be pale green, yellow, orange, red, brown, and even golden. These are principal autumn colors, but you can also find inspiration in season flowers. Either way, the colors mentioned above and their variations should be enough to get you started.

However, as we’ve mentioned in our other articles, you should always follow a color scheme when decorating your home; it should be limited to a maximum of two or three colors for main use, but if you use all of them, the spaces you create may look too disjointed, badly-put-together. The theme that interests us today, autumn-inspired, can be created in a more natural way by opting for brown as the main color; this will help you in choosing warm wood furniture. Opting for hardwood floors will also enhance the idea of an autumn-inspired decor. If the rest of the space is quite monochrome, leaf-patterned curtains on the windows can make for the best fall home decorating ideas.

Create a Melancholy Space

Autumn has this rare quality of making you feel melancholic, but not necessarily sad; it makes you reflect and enjoy the moment, and this should be a great principle to construct a space around. However, you don’t want your living room or bedroom to be too colorful, so you should choose a maximum of two main colors, and use the rest as accents. For instance, you can paint the walls of your room in yellow, and choose cream-colored furniture; then, you can use all the other colors for details, bringing in some red vases, or even a red painting that makes a good contrast with the yellow walls. Too much red, however, and the room will feel cluttered, with a heavy atmosphere; keep things light, and it will be easier to play with colors.

Because earlier we mentioned hardwood flooring, it is important to note that the colors of the wood don’t necessarily have to be dark; you can opt for lighter colors as well, which will contrast nicely with darker wooden furniture. Such a space could be livened up by a few purple details here and there, in the throw pillows or curtains; purple reminds us of wine being made in autumn when the grapes are ripe, so it will stay in your autumn theme while giving it some depth and making it more surprising. However, this doesn’t apply to the bedroom, where the material of the pillows matters more than their colors. For example, we are big fans of bamboo pillows, which mainly come in white. You can check out the best pillows of the moment on the site. The great thing about these pillows is that they have a memory foam interior, which ensures proper neck support, and a bamboo exterior which doesn’t get warm like conventional bedding fabrics. Therefore, play with colorful pillows in the rest of your home, but in the bedroom focus on comfort instead of style.

Choose Details

Autumn-inspired home decor can draw on other elements as well; for instance, the pumpkin. It not only reminds us of Thanksgiving Day or Halloween but its colors and flavor scream autumn. As such, you can be inspired by its color or shape, or you can use it directly as decoration. For instance, you can carve out a couple of pumpkins, empty their content, and use them as flower vases; this won’t last for too long of course, but they can look particularly well on a porch, or on your patio. Place a basket of red apples on the kitchen table, pick a few colorful maple leaves and put them in a jar in the living room, and your decorating theme will start to take shape.

You can also use ripe wheat to decorate vases; they will bring even more natural elements in your home. However, you can use more modern materials and still stay in theme. Brass is a perfect metal for an autumn-inspired decor, and you can choose decorative items from this material. Vases, statuettes, or trays, they will all look great. If you can afford it, brass pots and pans will continue the decorating theme in the kitchen as well, not to mention they’re said to be some of the most qualitative items when it comes to cooking at home.

What pieces of furniture or decoration you choose and in which colors is up to you; the combinations can be infinite, but the result is always a warm and inviting home, a space of relaxation and ease.

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