5 Tips for Perfect Curtains

5 Tips for Perfect Curtains

Curtains are perfect for covering up your windows to ensure your privacy and to keep you protected from the sun when summer comes, but they need your care to look their best and for the material they are made from to resist. Therefore, if you want to have perfect curtains you should read the following lines and apply the 5 tips given in them.

1. Remove the wrinkles with a clothes steamer

When they get wrinkled, curtains look very unpleasant, and ironing them can be quite unpleasant since you have to take them down, and they are very uncomfortable to iron since they are so big. Moreover, if they are made from delicate fabrics, the iron could burn them.

The best thing to do is to buy the Rowenta IS6200 clothes steamer for the price of $130, and use it to get the wrinkles out of the curtains because this appliance doesn’t actually touch the fabric, steaming the material from a distance to de-wrinkle it. This clothes steamer has an extra large 81 ounce capacity removable water tank, it provides you with continuous steam for 1 hour, and it has a foot operated switch for turning it on and off with an indicator light for comfort and ease of use. You can learn more about it by reading its review on the steamer.clothing website. Read other reviews as well so that you can see for yourself whether or not this steamer is the right choice for you.

2. Hand wash curtains made from delicate materials

Hand washing the curtains might be a bigger chore and effort than putting them in the washing machine, but the ones that are made from delicate materials, like cotton for example, should be hand washed to avoid shrinking the material. Just make sure to follow the instructions when you hand wash them to not use a soap that might damage them, because different materials require different concentrations.

3. Don’t use the dryer to dry the curtains

Unless the material from which the curtains are made from allows you to use the dryer to dry them, don’t put them in this machine to not rip the material or shrink them. Instead, hang them to dry, because even if it’s a process that takes a longer time, it’s safer for the fabric of the curtain, not shrinking it or making its color fade.

4. Vacuum the curtains regularly

Make it a habit out of vacuuming the curtains at least 2 times per week, putting a soft brush attachment to the vacuum to use for this operation, this way removing the dust and dirt that settle on them everyday, and preventing the dust and dirt from grounding into the material.

5. Protect the curtains from unpleasant odors

It’s too bothersome to air the curtains once per week to remove the unpleasant odors that stick to them, therefore it’s better to simply avoid doing certain activities in their proximity. These activities include smoking and cooking first of all, therefore make it a habit out of smoking outside to protect them from the unpleasant smell of the cigarette smoke, and in the kitchen use blinds instead of curtains to not have them smelling awful all the time.

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