What Type of Lawn Mower Is Recommended for Your Garden?

What Type of Lawn Mower Is Recommended for Your Garden?

The easiest way to keep your lawn in a perfect shape is to use a lawn mower that can cut the grass at an even size with its sharp blades while you drive it along the lawn. There are several types of lawn mowers, as shown at BestLawnmowers.reviews, each one being suitable for a certain kind of garden, and finding the one for your garden implies looking at various design and performance aspects. The size, shape, and type of your garden determine which lawn mower is best for your needs, so you have to take a closer look at these aspects before buying a lawn mower, or you risk making the wrong choice.

Lawn mowers for small gardens and flat ground

  • Electric mowers are great for small yards with even ground, as they are compact, easy to maneuver and very quiet to use. The narrow cutting width doesn’t allow them to cover a wide portion of grass, which is why it’s best that you use them on small gardens, otherwise you will have to walk over the grass too many times. They can either be coded or cordless, which only influences the comfort level, since the cordless ones don’t have a power cable that could get in your way.
  • Gas-powered push mowers are a more powerful version that works on tough grass because although the engine is more powerful, you will still have to push them. Use this lawn mower on flat ground, or you will have troubles in pushing it.

Lawn mowers for medium size gardens and sloppy terrain

  • Gas self-propelled lawn mowers work on medium size gardens because they are larger, with a wider cutting blade that can handle more grass and the engine pushes them forward. They work on almost any type of terrain thanks to the powerful engine and the sturdy wheels that help them walk over obstacles.
  • Riding mowers can handle medium gardens with gentle slopes and provide a quick and comfortable mowing. They feature a motor located at the back which pushes them along the lawn while the single blade cuts through the grass. You get to ride them and you can easily steer them thanks to the convenient steering wheel

Lawn mowers for large gardens and hilly areas

  • Lawn tractors are the most powerful lawn mowers and are suitable for large gardens with all types of terrains, including sloppy and hilly ones. The powerful motor and the wide mowing deck ensure fast performance without the smallest effort from you, as you will ride them the whole time. You can even attach a snowplow or a cart to them and use them for other garden purposes.


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