How to Vacuum More Effectively

How to Vacuum More Effectively

To provide your family with a safe environment to live in, you must keep the house clean at all times, and vacuuming the carpets and the floors is an essential part of maintaining it clean. If you want to know how you can vacuum more effectively to do a great job every single time you do it, read the following lines to find out what you must do.

Dust before vacuuming

There are a lot of debates on the order in which you should dust and vacuum, many people considering it better to dust after vacuuming, and nothing could be more wrong, because you get the floors and carpets filthy with dust again, even if you might not see it. The correct order to do it is to first clean the dust from your furniture, and start vacuuming after dusting for the house to be truly clean. Don’t worry about the vacuum making the dust in the carpets rise and get the furniture filthy, because that won’t happen.

Buy a robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are the most innovative vacuums on the market, being able to clean the surfaces of your house on its own, without you having you guide it. Based on the reviews that we read on, the Neato Botvac Connected is a great robot vacuum cleaner that will do wonders at vacuuming your floors and carpets, and you can buy it for the price of $850. It has powerful suction, it does a great job at vacuuming all types of surfaces, it cleans very close to the walls and edges, it avoids furniture and obstacles, you can program it to start vacuuming at a certain hour, it can detect when it’s approaching the stairs to stay away from them, and if you install the Neato app on your smartphone, you can control it and make it start cleaning when you’re away from home.

Steam clean the carpet once a year

No matter how often you vacuum, you have to steam clean your carpet once a year to get rid of all the bacteria that lurks in the fibers, because only by cleaning it with steam you can have a truly clean carpet.
The best thing to do is to not do it yourself, but rather have a professional do it with a powerful steam cleaner. It’s not worth it for you to invest in this kind of appliance anyway, because you will use it only once per year, and you won’t ever take your investment back because of this.

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