How to Purify Your Home From Everyday Pollutants

How to Purify Your Home From Everyday Pollutants

Considering all the pollutants in your home that you have to face every day, you should look for solutions that will help you purify your home and turn it into a clean and safe living environment. Find out bellow which are the most useful ways of cleaning your home and keeping you away from many diseases.

Ventilate your house to let fresh air in

The level of freshness of the air in your home is an important art of a clean house and it should be your main concern when you start cleaning and refreshing your home. It may sound trivial, but the main way to clean the air in your house is to open the windows in the morning and let fresh air get inside. An airy room is more likely to feel clean and fresh than one that keeps its windows closed, so never forget to ventilate your house by simply opening the windows. Plants are also great ways of bringing clean and healthy air inside your home, as they are known to produce oxygen.

Use an air purifier

Another way of cleaning the indoor air is to use an air purifier that will attract many of the air pollutants from your home, like dust mites, pet hair, smoke, chemical odors and mold spores. These devices use a combination of filters that retain small particles in the air, as small as 0.1 microns so that the air that remains the room is clean and healthy. Nevertheless, be careful as not all air purifiers are designed for dealing with the same types of contaminants. If you check out the most recent air purifier reviews 2015, you will notice that some models are suited for unpleasant odors, while others are suited for pet dander or dangerous toxins. Only by studying the most recent air purifier reviews 2015 can you determine which type of air purifier would be best fitted for your home.

Control the level of humidity

The air you breathe indoors can also be filled with water vapors that cause the level of humidity to grow, which is the main cause of mold spores and dampness. Condense in the kitchen and bathroom, drying your clothes indoors or a poor insulation can create a high level of air humidity, which encourages mold formation, so an air dehumidifier will be of great help in this situation. This useful device will help you lower the air moisture by absorbing the water vapors and releasing dryer and cleaner air back into the room.

Remove the water contaminants

The pollutants are also present in the tap water running in your house because the pipes that deliver it are old, dirty and rusty and all the deposits from the pipes are transferred in the water you and your family drink and use for bathing. To help you increase the quality of the water in your household, you can use a water filter that can retain many contaminants, such as chlorine, fluoride, volatile organic compounds, dust, rust and heavy metals. You can choose a faucet filter, a countertop filter or a whole house water filter, depending on the area you want to cover.

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