How to Prevent Garage Break-Ins

How to Prevent Garage Break-Ins

People mostly focus on the security of their home by increasing it only for the main entrance to the house, forgetting that the garage needs protection as well. No matter if you have entrance from the inside of your garage to your home or not, it still needs to be secured from break-ins, and if you want to find out how you can prevent a garage break-in to make your house safer, read the following lines and apply our advice.

Install a garage door opener

Most modern garage door openers allow you to check if the garage door is opened or closed even when you are away from home, enabling you to close it and open it by selecting this option over your smartphone. If you are not familiar with these devices, you can learn more about them from the site, where you will find reviews of the top garage door openers of the moment.
A great garage door opener that you can control over your smartphone and that ensures the total protection of you garage is the Chamberlain WD962KD Premium Whisper Drive, and you can have it for the price of $270. It comes with the motion-detecting control panel and the Chamberlain garage access wireless keypad, and it has a powerful 3/4 HPS motor with a steel reinforced belt drive that includes a battery backup.

Security camera that points to the garage

An additional security measure that will decrease the chances of a garage break-in is to install a security camera and leave it pointing to the garage door. Any burglar who sees it won’t be insane enough to try to break-in while he’s being monitored, and if someone actually dares do it, you will have everything caught on tape to help the police catch the felon faster.

One of the best outdoor security cameras that you could use to keep surveillance of your garage is the Netgear Arlo, and you can have it for the low price of $200. It’s waterproof, wireless, it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use, it has a magnetic wall mount that makes it easy to place wherever you want, and the batteries have a long life, therefore you won’t have to worry about changing them too often.

Don’t neglect the garage door’s maintenance

What you must remember is to never neglect the garage door’s maintenance on the mechanical parts and to keep an eye out for corrosion, because a weakened garage door is perfect for thieves to break in it. Also, make sure that the door that leads from the inside of the garage to your home is in a good shape to provide as an extra layer of security against burglars.

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